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Hi friends
my self Rishiraj Mishra I'm here on windows questions for express my view towards to u all friends I'm most like to gathered information about the latest technologies and shared in front of you. u all can visit my channel DIGITAL HUB POINT -For information and technology the link is given below 👇👇👇
channel link: -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJH2mKAUg24HqY_5kV3av_w
I have registered for a new account today on WindowsQ.com website. Welcome to the Windows Questions? website. I have signed up here so that I can ask questions about Windows 10. I am a brand new user, and this is my first post here on this website.
Hi, please am having issues on location on my window 10, the default location is locked on my laptop have try to change it, but not changing.what do I do?
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Hello, :)

Please go ahead and post this in the forum to see what we can do to help.
Thank you for the rep.
You're welcome. I loved the ironic twist that with one casual, almost throw-away remark, John strayed into your area of expertise and the entire teacher/pupil relationship switched in an instant.

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