Windows Package Manager (WinGet) 1.0.11692 released for Windows 10


This release fixes a few bugs. The first one is related to users and installers executing [Ctrl]+[c]. The next is a fallback when Delivery Optimization encounters failures. The last one addresses permissions inherited from the directory installers are saved to, and may also help with some installers due to long path names.

  • #189 Discord does not install
  • #1060 Fails to update program, error 0x801901a0
  • #1076 winget install results in 0x80d03002 : unknown error

Over the coming weeks we will be making changes to version numbers for the App Installer shipped in the Microsoft Store. We will be making some space for servicing agility so we can continue to iterate quickly with our preview releases. This version will be published to all Windows Insider channels and the Windows Package Manager Insiders.

Going forward, development releases will be published to Windows Insider Dev channel and Windows Package Manager Insiders. We will leverage Windows Insider Beta channel for servicing issues, and the Windows Insider Release Preview channel for future release candidates.

If you want the latest preview releases, there will be three choices.
  1. Join the Windows Package Manager Insider program.
  2. Run a Windows Insider Dev channel build.
  3. Download the preview releases from GitHub.
Any users on released versions of Windows who have downloaded releases from this GitHub repository should ensure they download and install this release to ensure continuity of access to the Windows Package Manager. With this release we are discontinuing support for versions of Windows 10 prior to version 1809.

Source: Release Windows Package Manager v1.0.11692 . microsoft/winget-cli . GitHub


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