Win10 Update Button Missing, likely cause of Game Pass for PC errors


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Hello everyone,

Trying to make this quick, I tried installing the latest windows update and the button to start the update is missing. This isn't the Check For Updates button, this is the legitimate Start Update button.

Here is a screenshot:
Screenshot (25).png

I have spent more than enough time trying to fix this issue so this will me my last resort to fix the issue. If I can't get the solution I need, I unfortunately will think that it is impossible to update my computer again and never will, so it will really mean the absolute world to me if this page keeps getting posts until the issue is fixed.

I have tried using a Windows Update Service Reset here: Reset Windows Update in Windows 10

My results came out fine and I proceeded on but obviously came to failure.

There were two errors for files I did not have:


C:\ProgramData\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr*.dat

I'm not sure this has anything to do with it, but maybe it does.

I've also seen similar issues to mine online, although they could install the update, it just had errors at the end and were told to retry. It also gave an error code. But my issue had no errors identified. Imagine it was how a normal update screen would look, only take away the download button.

I pray there is someone out there to help me because, as a gamer, this update is effecting my computer from downloading Game Pass Ultimate for PC games, in which some have errors and others don't. But every time I open the Xbox Software, it says: "Having trouble installing or updating games? Fix it now:link" and the link brings me to a site telling me to install the latest Windows Update.

If the Game Pass games are a separate issue, I would be happy with having that issue fixed over not having a windows update.

Again, please help me solve this (or maybe these) problems. It seriously means something to me.

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Windows 10 install updates automatically far as i know, there is no button for Start Update.

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