New Twitter PWA update released - April 30, 2021


  • Promoting Tweets: An improved and simplified flow for promoting your Tweets is rolling out on Keep an eye out for it through the Tweet activity screen!
  • Search: We’re experimenting with different ways of rendering typeahead search results to make it easier for you to quickly find and select what you’re looking for when searching.
  • Threaded Conversation Units: We’ve enabled threaded conversation units on the home timeline! This will help provide additional context and insight into conversations.
  • Accessibility: Improved screen reader detection of related elements within groups like drawers, modals, and popovers.
  • Accessibility: Screen readers will now be able to provide more context around checkbox controls.
  • Checkbox Controls: Improved responsiveness when clicking on checkbox control elements.
  • Interstitials: Reduced padding and improved visibility for interstitials on smaller screens.
  • Search: Attempting to add a new saved search when you’ve reached the maximum of 25 will now inform you of the limit via error message.
  • Topics: On Topics related pages, you’ll now see suggested Topics in the sidebar.
  • Video: Promoted video overlays have been updated to better address right-to-left languages.
  • Accessibility: Fixed certain elements that were focusable even when disabled.
  • Composer: Corrected issues with line height and text visibility in the composer on certain browsers.
  • DMs: Fixed an issue where reporting a DM from the inline dropdown would show an error screen.
  • DMs: Resolved an issue where the DM composer was not clearing immediately after sending a message.
  • DMs: The “x” button on DM message requests will no longer open the conversation.
  • DMs: When scrolling back through a DM conversation, you should no longer fall into a state where the loading indicator displays, and the conversation is not loaded.
  • DMs: Resolved issues where the image preview in DMs wouldn’t display, or the overlay controls would overlap.
  • Image Cropper: Zooming within the image cropper should now work as expected.
  • Input Fields: Entering non-numeric values into certain input fields will no longer cause the description to overlap the input.
  • Search: The search field will no longer exceed the container height on mobile devices.
  • Tweets: Corrected instances where replying to a Tweet wouldn’t increase the reply count appropriately.
  • Video: Video playback on Safari should no longer be interrupted or paused due to hovering elements like labels and popovers.
  • Video: Addressed specific scenarios where multiple videos could playback simultaneously.

Source: Release Notes

Download for Windows 10: Twitter app | Microsoft Store


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