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Hi Experts, I have a Windows 7 laptop, that created the following issues :
1. When I power it on, it turns on and then turns off immediately and very very frequently. However, when u keep on doing this activity it finally turns on, and lasts for a good 30-40 mins, then again it turns off.

2. Now, in order to do this troubleshooting, I did some data backups, to ensure I get a few things on my portable external Hard disk, not complete backup was taken.

3. After this frequent reboots, I lost my Desktop screen, and now only a Black screen comes with cursor.
I tried all ways, like trying to boot into Safe mode, earlier it was getting stuck at Classpnp.sys ; but later on it went through, but same BSOD.
I did a checkdisk, it went well, I went to system Repair, and executed the following command : sfc /scannow /offbootdir=d:\ /offwindir=d:\windows (my installed drive is D:)

4. Nothing worked, I then from the cmd of Repair my Computer executed : regedit , and in the windows login I can see "Shell variable" = cmd.exe /k cmd.exe instead of explorer.exe ; which I manually changed, but again at restart it turns back.
I have also done the Hive process of loading/unloading but same BSOD comes.

5. After this, I tried taking out my this laptop hard disk, connected with a SATA to USB cable, and inserted it on my Windows Desktop PC, on K: which got detected, however disk was not accessible, I tried giving security permission by clicking on Properties > Security > All Files and Folders > Full Control

It failed my Dektop PC. Now my Desktop PC also has the same problem, it is not even booting for 3 seconds.

I need below help :
A. How can I retrieve my data ? Can I install an Anti-virus/ on BSOD, if it is a Malware so it removes it, if I again connect my hard drive to my laptop and power on, and I can do something on the black screen itself.

B. Can I plug my laptop hard disk with the same SATA to USB connector to a Linux/Ubuntu/Mac Laptop (borrow from a friend) and then can I try to recover my data? If yes, can you suggest how to do that ?
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