AdDuplex Windows 10 Report for April 2021 available


2020 versions of Windows 10 are on more than 80% of PCs now.

Windows 10 OS Worldwide (PCs)


October 2020 Update added another 10% to its share over the month of April and is now on more than 40% of Windows 10 PCs.

Around 70,000 Windows 10 PCs were surveyed.

Windows 10 OS Worldwide History (PCs)


2020 versions of Windows 10 are now on more than 80% of Windows 10 PCs surveyed.

Note: we don't have the data for the initial rollout of the first update to Windows 10 (1511, also known as Threshold 2). So it's a straight line from 0 to the first data point we have on August 22nd, 2016.

Source: AdDuplex Windows Device Statistics reports


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