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  1. Linux on Windows?

    Ah well there was this cut down version of Windows called Win X.
  2. Linux on Windows?

    Not tried WinX. Is that something you can legitimately get?
  3. Linux on Windows?

    I've just had confirmation that my 980 Pro has been shipped so I will do a clean install next week.
  4. Linux on Windows?

    Might dable in that one in a VM over the holidays.
  5. Linux on Windows?

    I use Manjaro which is a rolling release. I like it because of the AUR repository and it gets the latest KDE and Kernel versions quite quickly.
  6. Today

    Sorry to hear of your loss :/
  7. Today

    That's 2020 for you Joan, it's been a bit of a year!
  8. Boot loop

    I had an Aorus Master before this and that did have problems with XMP causing BSoDs. I've had no such issues with the Strix.
  9. Boot loop

    Interestingly it shows a message saying that FCLKC should be 1800 when I enable XMP.
  10. Boot loop

  11. Boot loop

    ok thanks. So basically you run those if you sfc finds errors?
  12. Boot loop

    I was under the impression that the optimiser tool would detect if its an SSD or a HD and act accordingly whether scheduled or not. I know that there was a rather long thread on Ten Forums about this when 10 was first released. I have disabled it though and run it manually once a week.
  13. Boot loop

    Thanks for the pointers. I am running the two commands now. What do each do exactly and is it worth performing them after a clean install?
  14. Boot loop

    HI fellow Cantabridgian! Mum seemed to think we had one. It would make sense to load optimised settings then redo the XMP I have confirmed that Windows is running memory at the proper speed.
  15. Boot loop

    I have ordered a 980 drive which is coming on the 17th so I shall do a clean install then. Thanks for your ideas Thomas.
  16. Boot loop

    Couple of days a go. I'm usually on top of that and I check for firmware once a week.
  17. Boot loop

    This shows the start up programs.
  18. Boot loop

    Here is the result of the sfc.
  19. Boot loop

    SFC reported:
  20. Boot loop

    Thanks I'll start with sfc.