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  1. Latest MSI Afterburner Betas & Updates

    Re-downloaded - finally got access to it.
  2. Latest MSI Afterburner Betas & Updates

    Yeah. They are quick to get new articles up but sometimes the quickness leads to mistakes. As with anything, though - we're only human. Well, I may have spoken too soon - the .ZIP I got won't open, either, though it is over 50 MB in size. Hmmm.
  3. Latest MSI Afterburner Betas & Updates

    Seem to be working now - the post says 463 final, but the links at the bottom are for 462 final and 463 beta.
  4. Latest MSI Afterburner Betas & Updates

    Finale? No more updates? :ROFLMAO: Also, currently (9:30 AM EST) it is yielding an invalid link when trying to download.
  5. win7 bluetooth stops working and not restarting after installing antivirus

    Hey, Ray, Have a good Day! Oh, and welcome to the forums! :cool: Can you give us a bit more information? Full make and model of laptop Is Windows 7 fully patched? Which AV program are you installing? Does it happen all the time or mostly when you're running on battery? Also, I'll see if...
  6. Welcome to Windows Questions

    We've had a few of those before. And others who've complained about Chill-Out / lounge posts not contributing to post count. But, no, I meant more like the 10F RealTek thread (it's already a split thread, as it is - easily over 250 pages).
  7. Solved [Solved] Strange issue with file sharing on W10

    Awesome. I believe you edit your original post and should be able to add the solved tag to the title.
  8. Solved eM Client

    Odd. If you get a chance, might be worth reporting it to them in their FP sub-forum....
  9. Welcome to Windows Questions

    *snicker* - what is it that all the forum snobs always say? Oh yeah - "Search is your friend!!" lol. j/k Joan - I do the same thing myself - it's why I've gotten the search thing down pat, makes it a lot easier when you just search a thread for posts by yourself. Until you get to a 250 page...
  10. Solved [Solved] Strange issue with file sharing on W10

    The W10 laptop in and of itself is an object.
  11. Welcome to Windows Questions

    Welcome to the forums, @hylas !
  12. Solved [Solved] Strange issue with file sharing on W10

    So, it sounds like you need to check the explicit permissions of the object(s) you're sharing from Win10 to Win7 and make sure they are set correctly. DTG will probably have more to say on this as to which ones and under which user group needs to be looked at - I'm *guessing* that all the perms...
  13. Solved [Solved] Strange issue with file sharing on W10

    I figured AV should not play a factor - but this is weird. I'm taking a wild guess here but: have you tried enabling password-protected share access to the Win10 machine, and then attempting to connect from Win 7 using username and password from win 10 machine, and after successful connection...
  14. Windows update error 0x8007003

    Probably best. I'm already at version 19042.804 instead of 789, so there are more updates out there. maybe try ignoring that one update so others can proceed?
  15. Solved [Solved] Strange issue with file sharing on W10

    That is definitely an odd occurrence. It would make sense if it either 100% or 0% - but this 99% working is just weird. Are your security apps on both installs the same / nearly similar?
  16. Solved [Solved] Strange issue with file sharing on W10

    Just out of curiosity - do you have file and print sharing enabled for the Win10 machine on your connection, and is the connection you're using set to Private / Home / Work versus public?
  17. Windows update error 0x8007003

    One thing I see - FreeBooter asked you to grab the KB installer and try to manually install. Did you do that? If so, was there an error associated with the standalone installed if it failed?
  18. Solved Help - HP Bluetooth drivers and capability dissapeared

    How long did you let the cmd.exe window stay up before closing it? batch files can be scripted so there is no actual output to hte window while it does its thing in the background. It may be just a matter of waiting it out.
  19. Interesting take on the newly announced 'CMP' cards by nVidia.

    I wish lol. I think I'm better off not waiting - but if it happens, it happens.
  20. Interesting take on the newly announced 'CMP' cards by nVidia.

    Correct - but the patent at the end of last year shows MCM (chiplets) may be the future - just don't know if that is across RDNA2's successors, or if it is just for the APUs, or what. The patent was filed for, that's fact, but the application to Navi 31 is still rumor (at least as of a month...