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  1. Help with Theming Windows CMD

    Hi. I'm creating an batch file but I discovered that: set "Prompt=CMD >" converts this to the prompt: CMD > Like this: Also, I have problems scripting it because of some reason. Thanks. This is the batch file I creating:
  2. Site Usage How to Upload Files and Images at Windows Q

    This tutorial will show you how to upload and attach a screenshot, image, or a file in your post here at Windows Questions. If you are intending to upload large log or diagnostic files, see Option 2. This tutorial will include moving GIF files. You are being warned. Option One: Ways to...
  3. [SIGPIC]

    Hi, I would add a sigpic but I don't see an option. How to attach an sigpic here.
  4. [OPinion 1] Chrome Nonsense

    Hi, I got this when I visiting websites that has "windows" on the address: Here's example: What is That? For your opinion, is that helpful?
  5. Going to make Setup but it's Powershell and WinForms

    Hi, I will going to make an setup file but the compilers are too complicated and need an year or two to complete. Install Wizards are too expensive, so I taught that I use Powershell and WinForms. But I'm amateur at scripting in PowerShell.
  6. Apps and Features Use IExpress to create EXE file from batch file

    IExpress is a Windows component since Windows 2000. It is used to create self-extracting packages from a set of files. That such packages can be used to install software. IExpress is available since Windows 2000 (Win2K). Using IExpress to create an EXE file from a BAT file will allow the EXE...
  7. Solved SevenTheme for 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Overview

    I likely to introduce the SevenTheme. The SevenTheme has 7 default wallpaper, 7 default sound scheme, 7 default Desktop Icons, Improved CLI Setup, and MORE! Features: Improved CLI Setup Default Windows 7 All Download Links: SevenTheme Normal...
  8. Posting Themes.

    Hey, How do I do post the themes that I created using my Windows 10 machine?
  9. Weird CMD.exe

    This is weird. The command is: cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd 2021-04-10 20-00-23.mkv
  10. Windows Q problem... No Mobile Skin!

    Hi, Why there was no Mobile Skin in Windows Q? This was eliminate the excessive use of data and to work in low internet speeds.