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  1. No new favicon for WQuestions?

    Thanks, Boss. Now I know.
  2. No new favicon for WQuestions?

    I've noticed in my Chrome bookmarks in the last few days that there are new favicons for the Windows 10 and 11 forums, but the favicon for Windows Questions remains unchanged. Is that the plan going forward?
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    Thanks for the thumb, john. Dan

    Thanks for the thumb, john. Dan
  4. Solved Editing the Registry: small hint when manually adding a program to run at startup

    I think it's what is called "a well-known fact" that you need quotation marks if and only if (iff) there are spaces in the string. "Program Files" has the space (between "Program" and "Files") that makes quotes necessary.
  5. MR 8 Free?

    's OK. I'm good for it. I've imaged and cloned and run OS clones and retrieved old files from images and restored systems from images and all of that good stuff. Repeatedly.
  6. MR 8 Free?

    Consciences and guilty feelings aside, is there a way to take the MR 8 Home Trial offer and/or get a deal of some sort currently? I see nothing on the site. I'm neither cheap nor impoverished, but I hate finding out (later) I paid more for something than I needed to.
  7. MR 8 Free?

    Thank you, Bree. I am a great fan of MR, and I feel a little bit guilty about having leaned on it so heavily for so long without paying the developers anything. I intend to take care of that obligation now.
  8. Disk Cleanup doesn't wipe MS Defender AV files

    Thanks, Guy, I've never tried Bleachbit, and I'm gonna give it a look. I've downloaded the portable. Thanks for pointing out that it was available in a portable form. The first page I reached from your link didn't mention it, but it was in a set of links at the very bottom of that page. I've...
  9. MR 8 Free?

    Thanks for confirming that, Bree. One other thing (your reply made me think of this question): Is MR8 Home in the frequent-update, bugs-appearing-daily stage, or has it come to market already pretty well finished and fumigated? (I know they don't release new versions more frequently than a...
  10. MR 8 Free?

    (If this has already been covered here, I guess the moderators can delete this thread.) From the MR site today: "Our 30-day trial of Reflect 8 Home is the ideal way to explore what we have to offer with absolutely no risk. If for whatever reason you decide it isn’t right for you, any backups...
  11. Disk Cleanup doesn't wipe MS Defender AV files

    Thanks, ad. Interestingly, occasionally when I run Disk Cleanup, it does wipe the majority of those files. I have no idea why it sometimes succeeds and sometimes doesn't. I'm just going to leave that item checked in Cleanup. That way, if it can wipe some files, it will, and if it can't, well, so...
  12. Disk Cleanup doesn't wipe MS Defender AV files

    When I open Disk Cleanup, Microsoft Defender is always listed, and always shows 18-19MB of "unnecessary files." If I've recently run a manual scan, either just a Quick Scan or a scan of a new download, it can creep up to about 22MB. Yeah, I know: that's nothing to worry about. I'm just curious...
  13. Solved strange icon for Defender

    I used to exclude the Defender folders in MBAM, but I no longer bother. My only small point is that it's one of those silly Net myths that you can't run Defender and another AV together, period. I like having the context menu triggers for both to scan any new download of mine. And I like the...
  14. Solved strange icon for Defender

    There is a LOT of misinformation online to the effect that If you install MBAM, Defender won't run. So long as you have that Always register Malwarebytes ... slider OFF, the two complement each other and play very nicely, indeed. @A Guy (y)