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  1. Last One To Post Wins

    Oh no my mugs empty, what make is that keyboard John?
  2. Welcome to Windows Questions

    Welcome to all our new members, old age is definitely catching up with me I couldn't remember if I'd posted in this thread and so I've been sitting here going through all the pages and then landed on page 14 and there I was whether that's a good thing or not is not for me to say, you poor...
  3. Keep One, Change One Game

    coal board
  4. Keep One, Change One Game

    card games
  5. Last Letter Game

  6. Keep One, Change One Game

    online meeting
  7. Keep One, Change One Game

    online shopping
  8. "How's the Weather?" WQWF (Windows Questions Weather Forecast)

    Well, yesterday it was raining and blowing here and there were bad floods around all over the country. Today we've got blue sky a few white clouds and sunshine. That's the reason we talk so much about the weather because it's so changeable and really you can't predict things completely...
  9. What's Your Blood Type Poll

    Oh, I'm always positive. :ROFLMAO:
  10. What's Your Blood Type Poll

    I've ticked A+ but my card says, A Rh D Positive, so I'd say normal, whatever normal is. :ROFLMAO:
  11. Last Letter Game

  12. Last Letter Game

  13. Solved eM Client

    I use Thunderbird.
  14. 🎄 Holiday Greetings (Post your 'Greets' here)

    Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year, let's hope it's a better year than the one we're leaving. I went to my daughter and her family for my dinner yesterday and had a wonderful time, even though there were tears it was still a good time, my eldest son and...
  15. Today

    Thanks, both deaths were very unexpected so that is making it worse.