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  1. Latest VirtualBox

    VirtualBox 6.1.30 (released November 22 2021)
  2. Latest VirtualBox

    VirtualBox 6.1.28 (released October 19 2021)
  3. File transfer 0% when moving specific files

    Right-click the file and from Properties page click Unblock button at General tab.
  4. RecycleBin doesnt Refresh

    Best think you can do is restore default values.
  5. RecycleBin doesnt Refresh

    What happens if you don't add zero to modified registry values.
  6. RecycleBin doesnt Refresh

    Merge attached registry file.
  7. RecycleBin doesnt Refresh

    Please follow the instructions on below website link...
  8. bluetooth driver not found

    Visit computer manufacturer website to download the Bluetooth driver.
  9. How to overview a folder's position within your folder's hierarchy?

    You can use Tree command to display the folder structure. Open the Command Prompt and execute the following command. Tree D1 /f | more Replace D1 with folder path and name of the folder you want to display the folder structure.
  10. dxdiag errors

    If there is no problem with other apps then the problem is powerdirector 19.
  11. Help with Theming Windows CMD

    You need to add ^> because > command is a redirection operator.
  12. Extremely Slow Performance

    Have a look at Device Manager to see if there are any errors. Update device drivers. Update applications. Manage startup programs from Task Manager --> Startup tab. Scan for malware infection using MalwareBytes. Perform clean boot state...
  13. dxdiag errors

    Which game or application having problem with DirectX and is there a error message you can provide for us.
  14. File name disappeared

    Boot your come computer into Safe Mode and issue resolves it could be buggy graphic driver uninstall it and install new version of the drive.
  15. Windows 7 Driver Issue

    You can visit chipset and graphic card manufacturer website to update the driver.