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  1. Customization Add or Remove Windows Build and Version Watermark on Desktop

    It works on my Insider Preview Dev machine but just like on Win10 does not work in my new computer with the RTM Version of Win11.
  2. File transfer 0% when moving specific files

    Since the desired file appears to be part of a program I wouldn't Move it but Copy and Paste where desired.
  3. Windows swap file restriction

    To add a historical note, back in the '90s the written recommendation in Help and Support for Virtual Memory suggested 2.5 times the physical RAM for the paging file/swapfile, later versions went with1.5 times the RAM. Both settings also suggested a larger amount for memory-intensive programs...
  4. What are the minimum requirements to run a macOS on Windows Virtual Machine?

    Just to add, until recently the Mac OS X and newer macOS ran on Intel CPUs, now is the new M1. It could be problematic trying to run on an AMD CPU.
  5. Keyboard layout per application

    Do you, or did you, have added languages? That could affect the layout.
  6. Not able to ping PC connected with Ethernet cable

    Microsoft's suggestion was valid, Win11 is still in testing, not yet released for user consumption. Problems are still being worked on. It has been announced for Oct. 5, 2021, but many computers will not meet the requirements. I have Insider Preview Dev Channel running but the computer...
  7. Download videos

    Have you checked Chrome's site for an updated extension? Sometimes the third-party programmers aren't fully up to date with new releases of Windows Versions and Builds to them.
  8. file explorer looks different

    A comment on "is there even a software or something to get tabs the way they should be??? please help", how things are supposed to be in Windows can be adjusted by the many ways provided, all up to the user as to their desire. An analogy: 2 computers purchased at the same time, same place, same...
  9. Windows 7 Driver Issue

    I used to have a computer with the Intel Express onboard/built-in video driver that couldn't be upgraded past Windows XP so it was junked. It's just technology marching on, always changing as new things come about. Right now I have 4 Notebooks and 5 Desktops that can't be upgraded to Win11 so...
  10. Windows 7 Driver Issue

    An unsigned driver means it probably hasn't been verified as usable by Microsoft and since Win7 support has been discontinued it's unlikely there will be anything new forthcoming. Have you checked the Windows Seven forum [link at bottom of the pages left corner]? Maybe someone there has...
  11. Disk read error while booting

    Plug in another USB drive of sufficient capacity. As for Linux itself I use it often enough to have both the LiveDVD and the LiveUSB on hand to accomplish diagnostics outside of Windows, especially for hardware. File management is the same as on Windows, just can't run the same Windows...
  12. Disk read error while booting

    All the above. Also check the BIOS settings [usually F2 or Esc key at start of the computer] that the drive is properly recognized. In situations as described I use either a Linux Mint LiveDVD or Bootable LiveUSB Thumb drive to access the problem drive. The Linux disc or USB has features that...
  13. Windows 11 available on October 5

    Like that.
  14. Win10 Photos App cannot edit video on FAT32 USB Flash Drive

    The issue with FAT32 goes back to the early days as storage devices kept getting greater capacities, days of FAT, FAT8, FAT16 and FAT32, just a matter to technology progressing onward. If us consumers/users were willing to do a complete change to the most newest as it comes about we wouldn't...
  15. Win10 Photos App cannot edit video on FAT32 USB Flash Drive

    Perhaps Movies and TV is not an Editor and need a program to do it? The format of the USB Thumb drive shouldn't be an issue, doesn't change a program or a file, all the Thumb drives I have up to 64GB came factory-formatted as FAT32 but can be reformatted to other types depending upon need...